About Dan’s Essentials

Welcome!  Visiting this website may be the first step in hopefully a long and fruitful journey that may change your life.

My goal in creating this site is to provide a simple way for you to access the foods that you need to help you achieve the goals that are personal to you; whether running a 5k or a triathlon, losing 10 lbs or 100 lbs or reversing disease like Diabetes, Candida or Cancer, just to name a few.

Information contained here, is meant to simplify your life understanding that our hectic lifestyle dynamics all too often drive the eating mistakes that thwart our efforts in the gym or optimizing optimal wellness.   I will not be telling you what to eat, because I am not that arrogant.  People all over the world in different cultures eat foods that are different from each other, yet life expectancies and disease are lower in countries that leave scientist scratching their noggins.  I merely want to offer suggestions that can compliment your pantry with easy to assemble quick meals that will ultimately help you achieve your performance or wellness goals.  These foods can easily be integrated with anyone’s diet.

We are all different from our heads to the cheese between our toes, our metabolic profiles are different, and our performance goals are different, so our nutritional requirements are different too.

Enjoy the good things in life, enjoy the bounty of whole-food products and enjoy the pantries I have created for you.